A Full-Scale Personal Injury Pharmacy

Avchemist.com is a full-service pharmacy specializing in:

  • Auto accidents (no-foult)
  • Worker-compensation(injured at work)
  • Slip and fall (liens)

A pharmacy dedicated to ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of doctor-prescribed medications for all personnel injury matters.

A team of experienced practitioners, we deliver a tailored service that simplifies the prescription claims process. From Injured workers and working with physicians, pharmacists and attorneys, we stop at nothing to ensure cost-effective delivery of prescribed medications.

We are glad you found us and are ready to help with your prescription needs while ensuring compliance with industrial, regional and global work standards.


AV Chemist will:

  • Get your medications processed, 100% fully covered and delivered to you
  • No need wait or search for pharmacy that processes claims for: Workers compensation, Auto accident and Slip and fall.
  • No need to worry about claim being denied.
  • Simply present this to your prescribing physician or contact AV Chemist so we could obtain your prescription for you.

For Physicians

AV Chemist helps you concentrate better on your patients as we provide improved control over patient-specific medications and claims. hence, you can concentrate better on your client’s healing process while freeing up staff time to focus on where your skills are more useful.

AV Chemist will:

  • Free up staff time and give clients the peace of mind that medications will be processed and delivered.
  • Get control over patient specific treatments and eliminate the need for phone calls regarding medication coverage and claims.

Why Choose Us?

Super-fast medication Processing

AV Chemist understands the importance of productivity to your business. Thus, we partner with your treatment team to provide a 100% fully covered medication, while we manage and simplify the claims process to allowing your workers focus more on recovery.

Avoid Pharmacies that Processes Claims

Is it workers compensation, Auto Accident (No-Fault) or Slip & Fall (Liens)? AV Chemist accelerates your benefits and reimbursement processes. We put patients first and ensure hassle-free access to their doctor-prescribed medications.

No More Worries About Claim Denial

At AV Chemist, you can be rest assured of gaining access to your rights. We’ll work with you to help facilitate your authorization process, whether it’s from provider and payor or it’s a coordinate benefit between secondary and tertiary insurance.

Who We Help?

Injured Workers

Injured at work? Don’t feel heightened. AV Chemist provides you access to licenced professionals that helps ensure the right prescription for your injury while guaranteeing a swift delivery to your home or office.


Are the claims in litigation or dispute? We have you covered! Our experienced team will partner with your client to sort all questions and concerns about their medication.


Let’s help you concentrate better on your patients as we provide improved control over patient-specific medications and claims. Now, you can be more efficient since you get to eliminate phone calls regarding medications.


Most frequent questions and answers

A: Av Chemist helps Attorneys to assist their clients in the time of critical distress when client in pain needs help. This way, your client experience doctors handle the questions related to their medicines with the assurance of having the right prescriptions.

A: Avchemist assists attorneys in order for the client to get his medication immediately within 48 hrs. 

To learn more, call or email me at avchemist

A: Worker compensation is a form of insurance that provides workers of an organization with wage replacements or medical benefits when an injury occurs within the working environment. 

A: AV Chemist strives to provide swift delivery of your doctor-prescribed medication as we believe this is vital to your recovery process. Thus, you can have same-day delivery, depending on the urgency of your injury.

A: Yes, AV Chemist is 100% flexible and provides you the ability to choose to have your medications delivered to your office or home.  

A: No-fault insurance means when you’re injured in a car accident, your own car insurance coverage will pay some or all of your medical bills and lost earnings, regardless of who was at fault for the crash