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Worker Compensation Prescription Service Made for You

AV Chemist offers an array of services designed to provide you access to the right doctor-prescribed medications for your treatment needs. Going beyond the traditional pharmacy services, we boast a deep understanding of patients and their prescription needs. Thus, we offer a full-scale worker compensation service that covers an array of your medication needs.

Here are some of our most requested services and how they benefit you.

Personal Injury Pharmacy

Understanding your exact injury situation goes a long way to ensure a faster recovery process. At AV Chemist, we boast a comprehensive understanding of several personal injury situations. 

Benefits & Reimbursements

Accelerate your benefits and reimbursement process through the help of our experts. We’ll work with you to provide the needed support while we assist with a proper benefits investigation.

Financial Assistance

AV Chemist helps you take advantage of several drug assistance programs suited to your medication needs. Tapping into our network of industry experts, we can identify existing foundation and manufacturer

Medication Home Delivery

AV Chemist provides you with the convenience of having your medications delivered at your doorstep. This way, you get to receive your drugs as scheduled and in a discrete packaging that ensures privacy in a hassle-free process.


Several injuries have both mental and physical impact on your daily life. To ensure these impacts have minimal effect on productivity, AV Chemist provides a counselling service that helps you see beyond the current set back

Are you looking to simplify your Worker’s Compensation Prescriptions Process?

AV Chemist provides a hassle-free process for everyone involved.