AV Chemist is a full-scale worker-compensation pharmacy that aims to help injured works gain access to their compensation benefits. Dedicated to ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of doctor-prescribed prescriptions, we offer an array of services tailored to your exact needs.

Our services are fine-tuned to cater to the following groups of clients. The clients we provide to includes:

Injured Workers

Get back to work in no time through our super-fast medication delivery system customized for injured workers. Dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and a fast healing process; AV Chemist provides flexible workers compensation medication that allows you to receive your doctor-prescribed drugs at work or your doorstep.

AV Chemist will:

  • Get your medications prescribed, 100% fully covered and delivered to you.
  • Eliminate the time you spend searching for pharmacies that process workers compensation.
  • Eliminate the worry about claims being denied.
  • Obtain and deliver your prescribed medication for you in no time.

So, if you were hurt at work, we understand your agitation and the struggles you go through to access the right medications. Thus, we strive to eliminate the stress, and out-of-pocket payments while getting rid of denials you might get from the local pharmacy.

With us, you can concentrate on your recovery while we cater for the rest.


We understand the importance of productivity to your business and thus partner with your treatment team to manage and simplify the claims process while allowing your workers to focus more on recovery.Focus more on your clients while we handle the workers’ compensation system for you. At AV Chemist, we provide secure and continuous access to doctor-prescribed medications even through litigations and rejections.

Dedicated to ensuring a swift and decisive customer experience, we eliminate the time-wasting factor associated with using most local pharmacies while delivery a system fine-tuned to deliver your client’s prescriptions in no time.

With us, you can be confident of a system that supports your client and their medication needs.


Avoid retail pharmacies as they are not designed to provide the convenience needed when accessing worker compensation prescriptions.

At AV Chemist, we have created a system that puts your clients first and ensures hassle-free access their doctor-prescribed medications. This means you can better concentrate on your client’s healing process while freeing up staff time to focus on where your skills are more useful.

AV Chemist will:

  • Free up staff time while giving your clients peace of mind that their prescriptions will be delivered.
  • Provide your clients convenience with easy access to prescribed medication.
  • Provide you control over patient-specific medications
  • Eliminate the need for confirmation of medication coverage and claims.

 With us, you can improve your efficiency and provide your patients rest of mind and a hassle-free healing process.

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